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A New Tool for the Inner Clinician


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A New Tool for the Inner Clinician

After a very long time away, we are back!  CCCSLP has returned and I could not be happier.  There are so many challenges facing Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists and Assistants and Speech Scientists but there seem to be fewer and fewer places for professionals to share ideas, hopes, and frustrations.  Sometimes, it feels like we are all alone in our careers.  When the inevitable roadblocks and red tape frustrate our efforts to care for our patients all to often we have nowhere to turn for advice, conversation, or venting.

Venting?  Yep, that is the building block of all great ideas.  If people were 100% satisfied with all they encountered America would never have been colonized.  But, the art of complaining will be a future article.

Today, I want to share a new option for refreshing the professionals’ spirits.  CCCSLP has a YouTube channel.  Currently, there are six videos which are under three minutes each.  They are not about articulation or swallowing or hearing or language.  In fact, there are no words.

The videos are of the beach.  They are by design, quiet moments of a lovely view.  Sunrise, blowing sand, crashing waves, seagull calls; short clips to ease an overly burdened day.  It is literally a few minutes at the beach without leaving your desk.

I hope you follow the link to our YouTube Channel and enjoy a chance to virtually relax.  We all need it in the crush of busy day with demands from every angle.  We all deserve to do something for ourselves within tight schedule of our high pressured careers.

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Marguerite Mullaney was born and raised in and around the Boston area. She continues to make her home in the Commonweath and rarely finds it necessary to travel beyond the 128 belt. Her undergraduate program was completed at Bridgewater State College and she attended Northeastern University for graduate school. Adult neurological disorders has been the primary focus of her clinical practice. Her vast knowledge of the field, thoughtful, pragmatic approach and incredible sense of humor have enlightened and inspired her patients, staff and colleagues for over 20 years.

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