Sky’s the Limit

The weather here in the Commonweath is never predictable. There was snow in November for what was, I think, the first time since 1989. So far, December has been dreary gray and rainy. Lots of rain. Lots and lots. It rained so much here that there were mudslides in California. That was a little joke.

Friday and Saturday were gloomy and rain soaked. Made it very difficult to engage in more than the basics. Weather like that always makes me think of sleeping for a week or so.

But today! A Sunday that is sunny. Bright blue skies and a chill wind that takes the air right out of your tires. I was rushing this morning and paying little attention to the change of weather fortune. Had to hurry off to watch a lunch and then there was grocery shopping to do on the way home. It made for a hectic couple of hours.

Driving home my brain was listing off all the things which still needed doing. The laundry, cat box, paperwork list we all store up to do at 9pm on Sunday night. It was a weighty list and I rolled my eyes as I pulled into the final stretch home.

Blue. Beautiful blue.

I notice just how blue the sky was at that moment. How spectacular the clouds were. How frantic the seagulls were as they raced for the beach. Following them seemed like the only reasonable thing to do. I took the road toward the beach and not my driveway.

The sky, without interruption of roof tops, was picture perfect blue withimage obligatory puffy white clouds. The seagulls were endulging on a buffet table of seafood washed up on the sand from last night’s storm. Such was the abundance that they lingered on air currents instead of fighting over scraps. Even the youngest bird knew there was plenty.

Like them, I lingered on the sea wall. Snapping a picture or two but mostly just to view the abundant beauty I’ve been missing for so long now. In ten years, I won’t remember what paperwork was needed or which pants I washed but I will be happier for taking a moment longer to enjoy the bright blue day. …

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