Look at what was in the bottom of the suitcase!

We’re midflight heading for ASHA 2012 ATLANTA and reminiscing about ASHAs of Novembers past.  Digging into our suitcase, we’ve found sage words of advice from trusted colleagues and a few laugh out loud suggestions to brighten any gray treatment afternoon.

George implores us to be Creative!  be Functional! Explore ALL the possibilities.

Build trust first – wise words from Julie.

Ginia has a delicious suggestion for bringing food to your session. And, few confections are better than ice cream.

Peter Boyle said, life is about finding the funny.  Don’t forget that at the therapy room door – smile, be humorous, stay positive.

Three words: practice, practice, practice.

Trust your gut.

Bracketology comes to us from Andy.  Andy, email us. We are interested learning more about this sports themed technique.

Pamela noted to get to know the neighborhood, for our home health based therapists. We would like to add, please do this during daylight hours and try not to look too suspicious.

Then there are the unusual suspects:

  •  Shaker Exercises.
  •  Oral Motor Exercises.
  • Kim suggested Exercise Physiology.  If you are reading this Kim, please contact us.  We need to know MORE!
  • Entire World of R.      Poor X; overlooked again.

And, when all else fails, Jenny recommends, laying on the floor and let them come to you.…

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