Thanks Mom!

by Lisa Yauch-Cadden

In this installment of Mom’s Corner, we acknowledge a great mom (mine) who recognized that all of her children were special no matter what their abilities. She fostered confidence and independence in all of us that has served us well into adulthood. For my sister and me, she affirmed it by placing this poem over our beds when we were little.
I post it here for all moms and all children to recognize the uniqueness in all of us. Thanks Mom!

I’m Special

I’m Special
In all the world there’s nobody like me
Nobody has my smile.
Nobody has my eyes, nose, hair or voice.

I’m Special
No one laughs like me or cries like me.
No one sees things just as I do.
No one reacts just as I would react.

I’m Special
I’m the only one in all creation who has my set of abilities.
My unique combination of gifts, talents, and abilities are an original symphony.

I’m Special
And I’m beginning to see that I was made for a very special purpose.
Out there is a job for me that no one else can do as well as I can.
Out of all the applicants there is only one that is qualifed.

That one is me.

I’m Special

By Elizabeth Anne Richards Schurg.
Written in 1968 for a creative writing class in Royal Oak, MI. Copyright number TXu 420-395. See for the poem in full.…

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