What’s The Frequency (March 2010)

By Marguerite Mullaney

My teammate in this venture does not really appreciate the name of my column. I find that the more she tries to get me to define the title, the more I identify with it. Frequency is, after all, about redundancy of actions within a finite time frame. Language like life itself is based on the certainty humans will repeat sequences of sounds and actions over and over. So, the more she asks the more I am certain my column is properly identified. I want my column to look at what we, as speech language pathologists do in our daily routines and ask, ‘why?’

I’m at that particular crossroad in my own professional and personal life. Why am I doing this work? Why am I working with this population? Why do I get up in the morning and drudge off from the home I love to spend a fair chunk of my waking hours in the service of strangers in somebody else’s sterile environment? Are these the why’s I want to be answering in ten years? What about twenty years? Dare I believe I have thirty years more to ask these questions?

So, what’s the frequency will be devoted to thoughts about what we do, what I do, and ask that simply impossible question: why?

About the author

Marguerite Mullaney was born and raised in and around the Boston area. She continues to make her home in the Commonweath and rarely finds it necessary to travel beyond the 128 belt. Her undergraduate program was completed at Bridgewater State College and she attended Northeastern University for graduate school. Adult neurological disorders has been the primary focus of her clinical practice. Her vast knowledge of the field, thoughtful, pragmatic approach and incredible sense of humor have enlightened and inspired her patients, staff and colleagues for over 20 years.

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