Improving Fluency with the Logue Academy

Happy New Year! To kick off 2014, we introduce you to the Logue Academy. Michael Retzinger and Kevin Eldridge both struggled with dysfluency as children. Now as Board Certified Specialists in Fluency Disorders, they share how they have addressed Communication Apprehension in order to help their clients become more fluent speakers. Welcome Logue Academy!

The Logue Academy
by Michael Retzinger, M.S. CCC-SLP

The doors to the Logue Academy – located in Woodstock, Illinois – were officially opened in November 2013!

The Logue Academy was founded by Kevin Eldridge, PhD, CCC-SLP and Michael Retzinger, M.S., CCC-SLP as the result of both men sharing the desire to help individuals who stutter attain the same level of natural speech that each of them possess. Kevin and Michael are privileged and honored to help others discover their own path to speaking freely.

Another goal shared by both men is to offer training to speech & language pathologists wanting to expand their professional skills to include the release of natural speech in those who stutter as an outcome of therapy. Kevin and Michael are both Board Certified Specialists in Fluency Disorders recognized by the American Board of Fluency Disorders.

Our Approach

Our personal and professional experience demonstrates that addressing communication apprehension in the treatment of stuttering is the key to a successful therapeutic outcome for the individual who stutters, and their listeners. Research suggests that people who stutter have a speech mechanism that is not as robust as a normally fluent speaker. However, most people who stutter have naturally flowing speech in some situations.

The tension-related speech behaviors that people call stuttering are based primarily in the fear of stuttering, fear of speaking and the fear of interacting.

If an individual is trying to hide the fact that they stutter or are afraid of what might happen when they stutter, and are afraid to speak, they will be unable to release the natural speech they possess.
Our approach does not focus on stopping or controlling stuttering. This is not the goal, nor should it be. Most of us have gone down that path and been disappointed. If you stutter, you have a voice, a voice others should hear. Our goal is to help you share it without fear.

The Logue Academy offers the following:
– Three-Day Intensive therapeutic programs that include three follow-up sessions provided via teleconferencing, such as SKYPE or Face Time, during the 6 weeks following the program. These Three-Day Intensives are offered to teens who stutter and their parents, as well as to adults who stutter.
– A One-Day or Two-Day Workshop entitled “ADDRESSING FEAR: THE RETURN TO NATURAL SPEECH FOR THOSE WHO STUTTER ”. The One-Day Workshop is geared towards speech & language pathologists wanting to expand their professional skills to incorporate the effective treatment of Communication Apprehension, including the fear of stuttering, the fear of speaking and the fear of interacting with others associated with the disorder of stuttering.

In addition to the material covered in the One-Day Workshop, the Two-Day Workshop offers professionals the opportunity to engage in a second day of small and large group activities specifically designed to provide hands-on experience in developing activities and strategies for the effective reduction of Communication Apprehension in those who stutter.

For information regarding the Logue Academy, you can go to , contact Dr. Kevin Eldridge by phone at 815.308.5477 or email at .

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