To all our colleagues working in the schools, love and good thoughts to you today and in the coming days.

Your tasks are huge. Educating students to the 3 R’s isn’t enough anymore. You create a safe place with food and support and watch over them to ensure they are well physically and emotionally. Too often, you have to act on their behalf when those that love them do not. And, at least during the last election cycle, you listened to overpaid wind bags discuss how much you don’t contribute to the Nation’s bottom line.

Yesterday, we saw once again, how much teachers are willing to sacrifice to our Nation’s bottome line. They ran toward the children in their care when danger erupted. They shielded them with their own bodies. They hid them using what little tools they have available; closets, bathrooms and their own wits. And six, stayed with the children in their care and died with them.

To all our Clinical Colleagues in the Schools and teachers and school support staff, thank you for all that you do. You are saving our world one child at a time. I am proud of the work you do for all of us and so very grateful for your dedication.

peace and love and all that stuff,


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