What's The Frequency — September 22, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Summer slipped away


i’m not sure how it happened. When it crept by me is a mystery. The moment my favorite season drew to a close for 2012 is lost to me.  Where i was looking while the dog days of summer cooled is quite clear; my gaze was fixed on the horizon.  Less poetically, i’ve spent the last few months looking ahead.  It’s not that i’m dissatisfied with the present.  Not at all.  It is merely the coming months are filled with opportunities.  But, i need to do a significant amount of preplanning to take advantage of all the fall and winter are offering. 

In about fifty four days, Lisa and i will be boarding a plane for Atlanta and ASHA 2012.  We are packing our CCCslp gear and heading south to spend a few days with 12,000 of our colleagues.  It should be a fun filled three days.  It certainly is chalk full of celebrities; Maya Angelou, Gabrielle Giffords, Captain Mark Kelly, John and Annie Glenn.  i haven’t seen the courses scheduled yet but i thinking i’ll save that planning for the plane ride. 

i would be more enthusiastic about the convention if the costs were not so jaw dropping.  For an ASHA member to register now, the price is $410.  This is only to attend the basics.  Short courses are $70 extra per course.  Travel, room, and po are all extra too.  The registration was $35 cheaper during August.  Still, $375 is a steep some of money. 

Personally, $410 is a significant chunk of my ‘disposable’ cash.  It represents a month of groceries for me.  It is more money than I spent on clothes and shoes combined in 2012.  That sum is what i spend on prescription medication… , four and half months of prescription medication.  i could fill my jeep six times which is a month and a half worth of driving. 

It’s a lot of money no matter how you break it down.  And, it makes me wonder how long ASHA will be affordable for SLP’s and AuD’s. 



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