What's The Frequency — May 18, 2014 at 2:57 am

Spring 2014


This has become the spring of my discontent in a thoroughly terrible year. A year which still has seven and a half months to play out. Any number of things could be causing my distress.

It was a miserable weather winter
The spring has been an epic weather failure
Politicians and talking heads argue about endlessly
Nothing gets solved with arguments
We are either having global warming or not
Honeybees are dying off and nobody cares
A whole plane went missing and then CNN lost interest
The economy is making a come back or not
Healthcare is failing or not
Obamacare is succeeding or not
Sugar is subsidized but the federal government
Sugar is addictive or not
Trouble in the Ukraine until CNN lost interest
A glacier broke last week and can’t be fixed
The melting glacier will flood the planet drowning us
Apparently 100% of California is burning or not
Soldiers are dying in a country that is hard to spell
10 million Americans were expected to protest in DC 5/16
10 million Americans were unable to find Washington DC
The Bruins lost the playoffs

That last one really hurt.

So, what are we to do? The world is spinning widely out of control and will surely snap right off its axis. All is lost. And, it’s all our own fault

or not

I’m tired of the blame for not saving the world. Because I do save the world. Everyday I go to work, I save a little bit of somebody’s world. I give them the tools they need to speak their mind or save their minds. I help them get back to regular diets or closer to regular diets.

I’m an SLP and I walk the walk but, more important is I talk the talk so they can too.

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