Brain Builders Classes for Adults provide high quality, easily accessible information to adults as they experience normal aging as well as neurologic change.

Classes focus on strategy training for communication and memory, information sharing, reminiscence, and socialization.  There is also education for caregivers focusing on support and guidance in dealing with care receivers with cognitive/communication challenges.

Classes are lively and fun and are available in-person throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts or to anyone on-line.

Classes have been running since 2015 and attendees report feeling empowered with improvements in self-esteem, social connectedness and a willingness to communicate with others. Participants have re-entered the community via social opportunities including community/family events, high school reunions, weekly religious services, volunteerism and correspondence via e-mail, Facebook and Skype, all due to improved socialization skills and gained confidence following class participation.

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*All of our classes are for education and socialization purposes only and not intended to diagnose/treat any condition or problem.  Classes are not covered by insurance.