What's The Frequency — October 21, 2012 at 5:53 pm

more than half way through my life


i usually write out a few drafts of a post before i attempt to post it but today i feel reckless and free to make all sorts of mistakes.  the sun is shining for the first time in days and my belly is full from an amazing lunch with the beautiful Atlantic churning just beyond the sea wall.  the music filling my home is old, from the 90’s.  hard to believe the 90’s are old which is because i too have aged without my full attention to the passing of days lost without my consent. 

my career as an SLP is the most stable it has ever been.  i work with a wonderful team in a fantastic location with an exceptional client base.  it is nearly miraculous to have happened on such a terrific opportunity this late in my career.  i am truly blessed.

mixed in with that blessing is the bittersweet realization, it is late in my career. my study of SLP began in 1981.  i entered Bridgewater State College undeclared and drifted for a semester.  my drift ended when i reviewed the course book and saw Communication Disorders did not require statistics or a foreign language.  the major i took as an escape turned out to captivate me. it has been a long love affair with the basics of human communication.  ideas to sounds to words to understanding; it still leaves me nearly breathless tracing the path from my idea to your understanding.  every sound is a miracle. 

it has been fascinating and wonderful and action packed adventure.  a career i stumbled into changed the course of my once directionless life.  more than a job.  more than work. more than a phoneme.  more than a word.  an idea.  a miracle. 



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