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Great finds at ASHA13


We had a great time in the Exhibit Hall at ASHA13. Lots of Colleagues came by our booth to chat and when we had time to stroll the floor, we found some great products and services, most developed by our fellow ASHA members.

We add them now to the Treasure Chest for your information.

Language with Laura
Information, downloads, ideas, therapy materials and ideas centered on language development.

I Can Do Apps
Educational apps that are teaching tools for speech and language development.

Author of “There Once Was a Kid Who….” Limericks for fun, speech and reading fluency. Illustrated by Ana Kova

Emoti Plush
Dolls that teach emotions.

Camp Shout Out
An overnight therapy program for youth with fluency challenges held at a recreational camp setting in Holton , Michigan.

Speak Eazy Apps
Featuring “Feed Maxi”, which teaches children with special needs to label and identify food items by feeding Maxi, and adorable hungry monkey who requests, comments and uses simple sign language to enhance communication skills.

Teach Speech Now
Engaging and affordable speech therapy materials designed to remediate the most challenging articulation and language problems facing school age children.

Therapy and Expert Reviews for Therapy Apps

SpeechKites software is a data collection program designed to create, edit, and use audio recording for easy recall/review with client family and support staff. The software allows clinicians to easily capture audio recordings using tags used to mark significant moments in the audio timeline.

Advanced Social Robotics
Designs and builds a new series of social robots that allow people to interact with robots in a more natural manner and on a more personal level than ever before. Support them on Kickstarter to own and help launch the very first affordable advanced social robot Zeno R25.

The Logue Academy
An intensive therapeutic approach to stuttering focusing on diminishing “communication apprehension” in order to improve fluent speech.

5-Minute Kids
5 Minute Kids is a program for delivering services to students with speech sound disorders by scheduling short, individual drill sessions. This program requires little planning for the professional and minimal time out of the classroom for the student.

CAPDOTS Integrated
Web app for dichotic listening training to improve binaural integration, auditory closure and auditory figure ground discrimination.

from Wilson Language Basics thoroughly teaches the Foundational Skills of the Common Core State Standards by addressing all 5 areas of reading instruction plus spelling and handwriting using a multi-sensory systematic approach.

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