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Great finds at ASHA13

Great finds at ASHA13

We had a great time in the Exhibit Hall at ASHA13. Lots of Colleagues came by our booth to chat and when we had time to stroll the floor, we found some great products and services, most developed by our fellow ASHA members.

We add them now to the Treasure Chest for your information.

Language with Laura
Information, downloads, ideas, therapy materials and ideas centered on language development.

I Can Do Apps
Educational apps that are teaching tools for speech and language development.

Author of “There Once Was a Kid Who….” Limericks for fun, speech and reading fluency. Illustrated by Ana Kova

Emoti Plush
Dolls that teach emotions.

Camp Shout Out
An overnight therapy program for youth with fluency challenges held at a recreational camp setting in Holton , Michigan.

Speak Eazy Apps
Featuring “Feed Maxi”, which teaches children with special needs to label and identify food items by feeding Maxi, and adorable hungry monkey who requests, comments and uses simple sign language to enhance communication skills.

Teach Speech Now
Engaging and affordable speech therapy materials designed to remediate the most challenging articulation and language problems facing school age children.

Therapy and Expert Reviews for Therapy Apps

SpeechKites software is a data collection program designed to create, edit, and use audio recording for easy recall/review with client family and support staff. The software allows clinicians to easily capture audio recordings using tags used to mark significant moments in the audio timeline.

Advanced Social Robotics
Designs and builds a new series of social robots that allow people to interact with robots in a more natural manner and on a more personal level than ever before. Support them on Kickstarter to own and help launch the very first affordable advanced social robot Zeno R25.

The Logue Academy
An intensive therapeutic approach to stuttering focusing on diminishing “communication apprehension” in order to improve fluent speech.

5-Minute Kids
5 Minute Kids is a program for delivering services to students with speech sound disorders by scheduling short, individual drill sessions. This program requires little planning for the professional and minimal time out of the classroom for the student.

CAPDOTS Integrated
Web app for dichotic listening training to improve binaural integration, auditory closure and auditory figure ground discrimination.

from Wilson Language Basics thoroughly teaches the Foundational Skills of the Common Core State Standards by addressing all 5 areas of reading instruction plus spelling and handwriting using a multi-sensory systematic approach.…

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Apps we use everyday…

Apps we use everyday…

Working in adult out-patient, our iPads are now our new best friends!
Here are some speech/language/cognitive apps that we can’t live without:

For Attention/Concentration:
Stroop Effect
Doodle Find Pro
Alternating Trail Making Test
Visual Attention Therappy
Constant Therapy
Lumosity for iPad

For Immediate/Short-Term Memeory
Blink Test
Crazy Copy
Sketchy Memory
Awesome Memory
Constant Therapy
Lumosity for iPad

For New Learning
Spaced Retrieval Therappy

For Problem Solving/Sequencing
Rush Hour
Where’s My Water?
Cut the Rope
Plants vs Zombies
Constant Therapy
Lumosity for iPad

For Naming
4 pics 1 word
Little Riddles
Emoji Pop
Word Analogy
I Know
Clean Up
Chain of Thought
Hooked on Words

For Aphasia
Tactus Language Therappy
Lingraphica Small Talk and Talk Path
Constant Therapy

For Dysarthria
Bla Bla Bla
Quick Voice
Tongue Twisters

For Dysfluency

We know there are lots more…
Check out
for 190+iOS Apps for Adult Speech-Language Therapy

And please tell us the Apps that you can’t live without!!…

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Great links from around the web

Great links from around the web

Recently we have collected some great links that we want to share with you.

Toys for kids that don’t play with toys:

25 Great Toys For Kids Who Don’t Play With Toys

Handy Handouts from Super Duper:–+But+Won’t!

Atlas of Gastroenterology – Cool Images of esophageal disorders like esophageal web, Zenker’s Diverticula, etc.:

100+ Apps for Adults compiled by Tactus Therapy:

These are just a few. What else have you found?

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Look at what was in the bottom of the suitcase!

Look at what was in the bottom of the suitcase!

We’re midflight heading for ASHA 2012 ATLANTA and reminiscing about ASHAs of Novembers past.  Digging into our suitcase, we’ve found sage words of advice from trusted colleagues and a few laugh out loud suggestions to brighten any gray treatment afternoon.

George implores us to be Creative!  be Functional! Explore ALL the possibilities.

Build trust first – wise words from Julie.

Ginia has a delicious suggestion for bringing food to your session. And, few confections are better than ice cream.

Peter Boyle said, life is about finding the funny.  Don’t forget that at the therapy room door – smile, be humorous, stay positive.

Three words: practice, practice, practice.

Trust your gut.

Bracketology comes to us from Andy.  Andy, email us. We are interested learning more about this sports themed technique.

Pamela noted to get to know the neighborhood, for our home health based therapists. We would like to add, please do this during daylight hours and try not to look too suspicious.

Then there are the unusual suspects:

  •  Shaker Exercises.
  •  Oral Motor Exercises.
  • Kim suggested Exercise Physiology.  If you are reading this Kim, please contact us.  We need to know MORE!
  • Entire World of R.      Poor X; overlooked again.

And, when all else fails, Jenny recommends, laying on the floor and let them come to you.…

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Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box

Here are some recommendations for the busy clinician.

My  New Favorite Thing:

SLUMS is a great tool for screening patients.  It is a very quick 11 item test which looks at attention, cognition, and language.  While there is a form, most of the items are so simple you can recall it from memory after giving just a few times.  Follow this link to there page.


No budget? Grab these and go:
Paper, pencil, pen, sharpie, penlight, plastic cup, spoon, watch, post-its, newspaper, blank/starter check, pocket change.

With these 12 things, you can assess confrontation and responsive naming, single and multi-step direction following, auditory and reading comprehension through the paragraph level, oral reading, problem solving, calculation, and functional writing. You can also create simple communication boards, visual/reinforcer schedules and pacing boards.

Have a little money?
This is a great time of year to troll the yard sales for toys, books, reinforcers. Look for Mr. Potato Head, Little People toys, and Match Box cars.
Thrift shops have great finds as does the Dollar Store.
Enchanted is a great website for reproducibles to create/modify lessons.
Super Duper articulation decks are great.
LARK Kit is a versatile language tool for adults.
DAF/FAF by Artefact is an inexpensive way to provide auditory feedback for dysfluency.
Movies and Music is a great language activity for older adults (
Save your back with a bag on wheels.
Don’t forget contact paper and Velcro.

Have a lot of money?
Get an iPad and download some apps. Check back into the Treasure Chest for recommendations for cool apps.

Please comment and let us know what you like/can’t live without.

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