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I’ll confess, since the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I have been very depressed. It is not the response demonstrated by the victims, first responders, healthcare workers, average citizens, or local media and politicians that has darkened my mood. It is the national failed leadership which has let me down. Instead of turning the conversation to what actually worked well, DC and the NRA and the right and the left have hijacked the event and sliced it to fit their own agendas. Their behavior is nearly as despicable as the bombers’ actions. They all try to use terror to force people to agree with them.

So, I want to use my web page, my forum, to look at the event for what it was. A crime. A pathetic, dirty crime committed by two arm chair terrorist. Raised in safety here in the US and supported by welfare funded by the same citizens they decided to kill. Two cowards who hid a bomb in a backpack and put it at the feet of children before running away to safe distance then hit the trigger. A reprehensible crime meant to kill and terrify.

Did it work? Did they succeed in their murderous endeavor? Well, they did kill. Four good people died because of these two angry men. Hundreds were maimed. Thousands saw their cities become a battlefield. Millions watch in horror unable to help. But, did they succeed in terrorizing the people of Boston? The citizens of the Commonwealth?


Do I have proof of my statement? Yes.

The video of the bombings shows panic and chaos for sure. But, then it shows ordinary people, obviously frightened but jumping into action to save lives. The victims requiring ambulances were evacuation from the scene in 18 minutes.

Hundreds of off duty doctors, nurses, police, fire, paramedics raced to the scene or their jobs to save lives. The first operating room in the city received the first blast victim 38 minutes after the explosion.

Neighborhoods mobilized, not just immobilizing with the shelter in place order. People connected on Facebook to relay info regarding locations. Funds were started for people effected. We did what we do best, we took care of each other.

The Boston Bruins National Anthem during the first home game after the bombing was played to a full Boston Garden captures the spirit of the city best. Nobody there was afraid to be there and sing that night.


Then, of course, there was Big Papi’s speech at Fenway. You might have to be from here to understand the love that goes with the comment, “it our fuckin’ city.” It is. He was staking a claim, making a warning. He wanted others to know not to mess with our city. They shouldn’t. Look what happened to the bombers – dead or apprehended within 110 hours of their crime against humanity.

For me, terrorism takes many shapes. The mad bombers. Wild eyed gun men. Screaming fanatics. And, snarky politicians, lobbyists, radio djs, and activists who would steal somebody else’s heartache for their own message of manipulation.

Boston is strong. We stick together. The nation should take that message and move forward with it. Don’t let any form of terrorism steal what is good and right and true about our country, our nation, our fuckin’ home.


The flag of the Commonwealth during the Hull MA candlelight memorial for the Boston bombing victims.
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