What's The Frequency — November 15, 2012 at 7:42 pm

ASHA 2012


Opening Ceremony ASHA 2012

We are minutes from the start of something big.  #ASHA12 begins.  And,CCCslp.net returns to  ASHAConvfor the first time since 2010.  We have a new site that is easier to navigate and with more content.  But we continue to offer a SLP/AuD a place to gather and share or vent or laugh and cry or do all the above.

We are communication specialist.  Self expression is the most fundamental needs of humans.  It defines us.  It makes us happy.  It keeps us sane.  It is the single common human trait.  Our professional life is the care, nurturing and promotion of good communication. Yet we neglect our own needs to be heard.


CCCslp.net is here for you to express yourself.  Come Talk to Us!

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