About Us

We are Lisa Yauch-Cadden and Marguerite Mullaney. We are practicing Speech Language Pathologists with almost fifty years of combined clinical experiences. Between us, we have worked in most of the treatment settings available. We have provided supervision to hundreds of graduate students, clinical fellows, practicing clinicians, speech therapy assistants, and other allied service professionals over our careers. It would be difficult to find a clinical service delivery issue we have not experienced directly or through an associated professional. Still, after all these years and countless hours of clinical discussions we thrive on the ongoing conversation about the one field devoted to the art, science, and magic of communication: Speech Language Pathology.

At this juncture in our respective careers, we wanted to broaden our circle of associates. Clinical Colleagues Confidential is our domain to talk about all things related to Speech Language Pathology and affecting the careers of Speech Language Pathologists. We are happy you’ve entered the conversation. Now, talk to us!

Gandhi, our mascot, kickin’ back at ASHA 2010