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10s by Gene Pizzolato, MS CCC-SLP


1. Cookie of choice (for bedside swallow exams)
Lorna Doone

2. BDAE or WAB (for language testing)

3. PICA +/- (for scoring)

+  Love the PICA!  In fact, I’ve used it for over 30 years with therapy plans and I call it a “Prompt-Cue Score” (PCS) system. After years of applying this format to my plans I considered it to be my own creation, until the PICA comparison was made by this web site’s Co-founder!. In any case my PCS provides me with great data to monitor progress.

4. Muppets or dwarves (for entertainment purposes only)


4a. Favorite individual muppet

Fozzie Bear

5. Worst treatment moment of your career.

Medicaid Audit

6. Best advice you ever ignored.

“Don’t ever accept Medicaid payments”

7. Favorite, most reliable and practical treatment strategy.

I find that visual information organization strategies work well to support
information processing, comprehension and expressive language therapy.

8. Why SLP and not world domination?

Less stress

9. Would you do it all over again exactly the same way?

Absolutely not…… well maybe ….. actually “yes” with some adjustments.


10. What one thing do you still want to do before your career goals are completely achieved?

To organize my best therapy practices into a package that could be easily shared.

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION IN 30 WORDS (there actually is no word limit really so say whatever you want).

Gene Pizzolato, MS CCC SLP is a graduate of Columbia University and has been in private practice for 30 years. Specializing in working with school age children and adults with developmental disabilities, Gene has been a pioneer in the collaborative approach to treatment. Always a man of vision, Gene has been able to adapt his practice to meet the changing needs of the healthcare and school based communities as well as to continue to expand his clinical skills. As a mentor to countless students and new clinicians, Gene has entertained and inspired us as we endeavor to follow his lead.

Given this opportunity for shameless self-promotion, Gene would like to share with you some sage words of advice:

  1.  Be careful who you stand behind when scheduling your college courses, you may end up pursuing that line of study.
  2. If your business is based out of your home, a mudroom helps facilitate communication with itinerant therapists. You can leave them notes, schedules, reports, etc. And they can leave you cookies.
  3. Professional relationships, (all relationships, really) work best if they are based on mutual trust and respect.
  4. When asking for favors, it helps if you are charming and look like someone famous.

Contact Gene at: genepizz@gmail.com

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