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Dysphagia Topics: A Caretaker’s Handout


image聽Courtney Perrone, a Northeastern graduate student, has asked for our help with a current project. She’s looking for feedback on a Caretaker聽Handout she is developing. Please review and provide constructive comments in the section following this post. For best viewing, use a PC or laptop as iPad/iPhone does not capture the full scope of the visuals in this piece. Thanks in advance.


Caretaker Handout

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  1. Gail Ghelli

    I like the color graphics. Always keep in
    Mind that the lay person is not used to looking
    At a side view diagram of the body. Simple is best!

  2. Christine Cox

    Hi Courtney, What a great idea! Anything that assists in educating staff is definitely a plus-especially in a simple, straight-forward manner . I like that you mention oral care-that is something that can be lacking in SNFs. Many people are edentulous (no teeth) and because of that I think it is assumed that oral care is not necessary. Nurses/CNAs have a lot on their plate, but I find if they are not providing care adequately it usually boils down to education. And that’s where we come in…
    Just a couple of notes though…in the first sentence I wasn’t sure if you were making a statement about nursing home residences (facilities) or residents (people). And the third sentence it might sound better with patient’s safety “while” or “when” eating or drinking. But know that I was obviously NOT an English major 馃檪
    Nice idea and I wish you well in your studies.

  3. Laura McIntyre

    Simple and informative. I agree with Christine (above) about liking how you mentioned the oral care. It is important and something that is often overlooked. I like it!

  4. Nice work. I agree with the previous comments regarding graphics. A description of a safe swallow may help as well.
    I am only able to see the first two pages so forgive me if this is included. Don’t forget to mention brushing of the tongue and placement of glasses and hearing aids when eating

  5. Lisa Yauch Cadden

    Courtney, this is a great handout! Well done!

    The graphics are excellent and a simple, straightforward approach is best for teaching and for carryover.

    I think the oral care piece is especially good and much needed. I do have a question though, is aspiration pna the number one cause of death among adults over 65, or nursing home residents over age 65? You may wish to clarify that if necessary.

    I also agree with Christine that the first sentence should read “residents” and the third “while eating…”

    If possible, I would re-sequence the oral structures in Figure 1 to more closely follow the flow of the bolus (I.e, B= lips, C= teeth, D=palate, E=tongue). I would also re-order Figures 2 and 3 such that Fig 2 shows normal swallowing and Figure 3 shows aspiration – all just for ease of understanding.

    Overall, great job. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  6. Kristin Wacyra-Iturbides

    The handout looks lovely! I also like the graphics. My only suggestion would be if this in intended to be a caregiver hand out (going to patient families) I would change the verbiage from “patient” to “individual” or something else non-clinical. If it is for SNF/hospital staff patient works!! I’ve just found families tend to like the least clinical language possible when talking about their loved ones…especially when swallowing is involved!! Nice work!!
    -Kristin 馃檪

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